A few misc. reflections from the Thanksgiving roadtrip

We’re on the road to South Carolina to see Annette’s relatives for the holidays. A few random thoughts before I go to bed:

  • I do not enjoy driving in the rain. At all.
  • I do not like driving in mountains. Annette finds mountains comforting and cozy. I find them claustrophobic and stress-inducing. At least it wasn’t raining.
  • Wytheville, VA (where we are staying this evening) looks like it might be a good place to buy crystal meth.
  • At the convenient store across the way, they sold no good beer. However (and I guess I find this kind of bizarre) they did sell both Bud Light & Clamato and regular Budweiser with Clamato. No, I don’t know what it tastes like and I don’t want to know.
  • Pizza Hut tastes pretty much the same everywhere, thankfully.
  • The show “Deal or No Deal” is absolutely stupid (essentially a coin flip bet, right?), and yet I absolutely cannot stop watching this show.

One thought on “A few misc. reflections from the Thanksgiving roadtrip”

  1. We went to Kentucky over the break, and my brother’s town is also a good place to get the crystal meth. Plus, we drove by many other towns which I’m sure are also good places to get the CM.

    Thankfully, it’s everywhere so I can always find it when I need it.

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