Mom's blog (but I won't call them moggers or bloms)/Messy Media on making money

From one of my google alerts comes this kind of cheezy article, “A blog of one’s own: Blogging moms find a way to have their say,” from the Press and Sun-Bulletin of Greater Binghampton, NY. It’s nothing too brilliant; just a feature piece trying to claim that the new “soccer mom” is the “blogging mom.” This is a typical quote: “Call them “mogs,” “moggers” or “bloms” — whatever you like — one thing is certain: A slew of blogging mothers are finding that writing a daily or weekly dispatch online makes them feel better about it all.”

Also from my google alters comes this, “Messy Media hopes blogs will be money makers,” from Press Gazette UK. It’s another one of these stories about bloggers hoping/planning on making money from their efforts, though the twist here is that Messy Media is a start-up with some former print journalist making the jump to blogs and the like. And there are a few numbers here about how much money people can (or, as far as I can tell, can’t) make from commercial blogging.

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