Possible drive-in field trips?

Whatever happened to drive-ins? I recall them as a source of grand fun and “partying” as a high school young person in Iowa, and I’m pretty sure that my generation was among the last to experience this on a regular basis. They’re not around anymore, certainly not in my town where those big screens and lots were paved and/or built over a long time ago.

Or so I thought….

There was a blurb in the Ann Arbor paper today about a summer only drive-in theater thing at the Compuware Sports Arena, which is just down/up the road in Plymouth. Basically, this is a hockey rink, and they’re using the parking lot in the summer for drive-ins. No movies have been announced yet, but it could be a fun deal.

And then I did a google search and came across Drive-Ins.com, which has a database of drive-ins. And from there, I discovered that right in our own backyard (well, Dearborn), we’ve got the Ford-Wyoming Drive-In, which boasts itself as the largest in the world! Who knew?!

So, maybe a family-friendly movie show?

One thought on “Possible drive-in field trips?”

  1. Hey Steve, I know this would be a long hike depending on where you are coming from, but the good ole Silverdome, I believe, shows drive-in movies. I know they did last year, but i’m not possitive about this year. I miss going to the drive-in. With the price we pay for attending movies these days a drive-in might be a nice change of pace. I have to laugh a little though. Here I talk about going to the drive-in and I live 5 mins from Compuware. I’ll have to go there soon. Let you know if i do. Oh, one more thing. I really like the difference between you official and unoffical blogs. there’s a nice contrast there definatly. The new design for the offical works good. I especially like the green bars for the blockquotes.
    talk to ya,

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