Seafood Risotto, the Food (W)hole, Sorrel, and beyond

This evening’s dinner was the result of a couple of convergences.

We’re sharing a “share” this year from a local organic farm with Steve and Michelle. One of the advantages and disadvantages of this sort of thing is you have to kind of take what you get from the farm based on what was harvested that week, and this past week, that included the semi-mystery green, sorrel. Meanwhile, in an effort to find a healthy meal that was a little bit different, I came across a recipe for seafood risotto, which actually included (of all things!) sorrel.

So, I went off to the Food (W)Hole and bought the seafood fixings: shrimp, calamari, and clams. I think the fish monger was not used to selling these ingredients to the “I’ll take a pound of salmon” crowd (which includes me, btw) because he kept asking me what I was going to be cooking, suggesting I add some saffron, etc. I’ll have to mention how this all came out the next time I see him.

How did it all turn out? As they say on Southpark, I learned a few things today. First off, sorrel when cooked is pretty good, thugh probably not as good as it is when it is raw. Or perhaps not as good as it might be when it is just slightly cooked. Second though (and unfortunately), when sorrel is cooked (or, perhaps more accurately, overcooked), it turns everything a somewhat unpleasant-looking olive green. Imagine Army-issue colored rice with some seafood mixed in. Like I said, it tasted great but looked, um, ikcy.

Perhaps the next time I cook this up, I’ll mix the sorrel in last, maybe after shocking it in some cold water or something. Live and learn.

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