The end is near (hopefully…)

I was thinking the other day “gosh, I haven’t posted anything to this blog in a while; why is that?” Then I took a look through my calendar for March. I had about 20 student appointments (advising, GAs, etc., ). I probably another dozen or so drop-in appointments with students about first year composition– typically students who are trying to get exempted from our composition requirement for one reason or another. These meetings are frequently disappointing for the students.

Then I had about eight or ten other meetings with various committees. And then there was the English department conference I helped run at the beginning of March.

Of course, there was the CCCCs.

And just to make things interesting, I’m teaching an overload this term.

Anyway, I ran through this list of stuff and said “Oh yeah, that’s why I haven’t been posting lately.”

I don’t mean to be too whiny, and I’ve had a lot of tremendous experiences doing double-duty administrator work this year. But I’ve got to say I’m also pretty burned-out. I’m looking forward to turning the first year program officially back over to Linda AK, getting back to being “only” the coordinator of our undergraduate and graduate programs in writing, and maybe posting on my blog once in a while.


One thought on “The end is near (hopefully…)”

  1. Hardly got to hear your dulcet tones at Cs — too bad for me. I have noticed the posting slow-down, yes…so get yerself less busy!

    I thought to myself today–ahh, if I were at Eastern, we’d *really* be close to the end of the semester. Gotta love that late-April finish line…

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