The "home office"

Home Office

Clancy says that this “home office” thing is a new meme, but I actually posted about what has got to be the fourth or fifth version of my current home set up on my unofficial blog way back in May. I guess that makes me an accidental trend-setter. BTW, Clancy, I would have posted to your site, but it didn’t like my login info and I gotta get on with some other work…

This current version of my home office is soon to be altered yet again since I am pretty sure I am soon going to hauling home most of my school office, where I currently keep most of my books, snowglobes, miscellaneous toys, etc. I don’t really know if I have the space, but I look at it like this: sooner or later, they are going to remodel the building that houses the English department at EMU, and I have a feeling that this is actually going to be sooner than later (it’s just a feeling, but still…). Besides that, this term I am teaching entirely online, and I am hoping to be on sabbatical for a term next year. So it’s probably time to move and revise the home office yet again.

But now it’s time to actually work.

Oh, for what it’s worth: The above picture has flickr notes, and it also shows a much MUCH cleaner home office than the one I am working in right now.

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