Links/Readings on Web 2.0 Stuff

A couple miscellaneous readings I’ll probably need to think about for English 516 for the winter:

  • There’s this article from the Sunday NYT, “2006, Brought to You by You,” which is about a whole bunch of different Web 2.0 phenomenon and a pretty good introduction to one of the latests twists in the ‘net typified by things like YouTube, MySpace, and other sites with “user generated content.”
  • I came across a web site this morning called Open Culture, which appears to be a blog with lots of cool links to, well, “open culture” sorts of things. I came across it after following a link about free sites for learning foreign languages with your iPod.

Again, just something to start making me for next year– really, next term, but I’m going to say “next year” to make me feel like I’ve actually got more time to work with.

One thought on “Links/Readings on Web 2.0 Stuff”

  1. Interestingly, we are covering the whole web 2.0 thing from a different angle, software development. Think of open source software as potentially the accumulation of knowledge from many sources and open APIs as the chance for many to benefit from and contribute back to the service.

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