Halloweening 2006

Will Darth, Lounging

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I was thinking this morning, when I was taking some of these pictures of Will as Darth, what a series of costumes that he has gone through over the years. It seems like just yesterday when Will was dressed as Blue and I had to go through all sorts of rig-a-ma-roll to get a shirt to look like Steve. A couple of years ago, Will was a knight. A few years before that, I think, he was a gladiator.

And this year, Darth.

I guess I like to see that as a sign of progress and maturity. But maybe that’s just me.

Dueling DarthsAnyway, Halloween also included a “Halloween parade” and various parties at Will’s school that Annette attended. My favorite picture from that is this one with Will (in the mask) giving a friend, also dressed as Darth Vader, the bunny ears. Just the sort of thing that any evil villain should do.

Halloween festivities actually began around here a couple of weeks ago during Will’s and my annual adventure to the pumpkin patch and our carving session last night. I was pretty pleased with the results, and, as this picture shows, we only had some modest squirrel damage, unlike some previous years:

Three cool pumpkins with modest squirrel damage

Of course, the real point of Halloween– and this is why it is fundamentally a children’s holiday– is the candy and the trick or treating. I’ve written in previous years about my humbug-ness about some of the trick and/or treating that happens around here, and I won’t relive that now. All I will say for the time-being is that mild weather brought what I have to think is a record number of T&T commuters. We were out of candy by 7:00pm.

Will and his friend Gage certainly made a good haul. After they got done, they came back and began the process of sorting and then trading candy:

Two gummie bears for a gum drop

This activity had the chance of turning into an all-night affair, so Annette and Gage’s mother broke it up pretty quick.

And then it was time for Darth to go off to bed, snuggling with his plastic light saber and his doggie.

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