The D-List Live

Annette and I just got back from seeing Kathy “The D List” Griffin at the EMU Convocation Center. A good time for one and all; a few highlights here:

  • Boy, does she ever say “fuck” a lot– and lots and lots of very funny bits that are not appropriate for the family reading I try to promote here.
  • Griffin’s bread-n-butter for her perfomances is making fun of celebrities. Folks covered tonight included Andy Dick, (long and funny bit about one of his drunken performances), Tom Cruise, John Travolta (she talked about Scientology for a while), Larry King, Star Jones and The View in general, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, the Olsen (or Olson?) twins, Lance Bass, and of course, her “favorite gay,” Clay Atkin.
  • She told a pretty funny story about walking out of the Emmys that may or may not be true. Actually, that’s kind of true for a lot of what she had to say: clearly, there’s some “embellishment” for comedy purposes in all of her stories. But hey, that’s comedy.
  • Basically, Griffin’s act consists of her talking pretty fast about all kinds of stuff for about two hours. It seems to me to be completely off the top of her head, though I suppose that’s why they call it “an act.”
  • We had really good seats– third row. But that wasn’t that much of an accomplishment really because the crowd wasn’t that big, like maybe 1,000 or so people. And lot of these folks were kind of a freaky lot.
  • We looked it up when we got home, but while at the show, Annette and I both wondered about Griffin’s age. It turns out that she was born in 1960, but she actually kind of looks older than that. She’s pretty open about having had “work done,” but there was something odd about some flappy skin on her neck.

Anyway, like I said, a good show overall.

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