The Strike of 2006: A few cool links

This might be a matter of not so ancient history, depending on where the talks are and what happens tomorrow, but I thought I’d offer a couple of links from other takes on the strike, things that offer a few more takes on it.

First, there’s this article by Cary Nelson, who is the president of the AAUP, called “Solidarity” in Inside Higher Ed. Obviously, Nelson has a point of view here, but I basically agree with what he’s saying. Note the way that he describes the infamous walkout from talks.

Second, there’s this YouTube “EMU Protest Update,” which gives you the point of view narrative of a pretty typical student. Well, one with a video camera.

And finally, there’s this YouTube clip titled “The ruined tour:”

This is actually my favorite of the lot because I like how the filmmaker/videographer sort of shows how his tour becomes “ruined” by the strike, though I interpret this as one in support of the strikers. This clip is a nice companion with the Nelson essay because it illustrates the multiple pickets that he talks about. Oh, and you can also see some good footage of the Ypsilanti Watertower and it’s more colorful name.

2 thoughts on “The Strike of 2006: A few cool links”

  1. The Detroit News editorial was being sent around via email by gleeful EMU administrators and staff, including some we have considered friends.

    Aside from the fact that the numbers are false, false, false and the comparisons extremely biased (where is Wayne State? Western?), we all need to remember that the Detroit News is run by people who hate unions. Many of the people there took the jobs of striking workers in 1995-96 and the rest are scared to stand up for themselves or anyone else. Ditto for the Free Press. So much for that liberal media we hear so much about.

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