Four quasi- related blogging thoughts

The first two of which come to me via Alex Halavais’ blog:

  • Wired News has a nice little FAQ about MySpace, mostly based on conversation with and research by Danah Boyd. It’s pretty good advice I suppose, but to be honest, some of it kind of sounds like it is coming from the point of view of someone without children. I’ve been contacted about MySpace and Facebook recently, and I guess my take on it is let the kids play with it, but keep an eye on what they’re doing. (BTW, as I type this, I am in Florida and by the pool, watching my 8 year-old son swimming. The pool is shallow enough for him to touch his feet to the bottom anywhere and he is an okay swimmer as it is. But despite my confidence in him, I am supervising the kid).

    I want to come back to this and similar articles about MySpace and Facebook and stuff because I’m going to be giving a presentation on April 1 (no kidding!) about blogs and part of what I want to say at that forum is that things like MySpace and Facebook aren’t blogs at all and to sort of lump them all into one category and talk about the evils of blogging is dangerous.

  • The Chicago Tribune had an editorial called “Bloggy, we hardly knew ye” that once again announces the end of blogging. I like Alex’s comments on this, but in general, it seems like wishful thinking on the newspaper’s part.
  • I’ve been thinking a lot on my quasi-vacation here about writing a book about blogging; long story that I don’t have to write about now, but something about doing a lot of sitting around in either airplanes or automobiles or on the beach has got me thinking…..
  • For someone who has been away from his laptop, I sure have done a lot of stuff on the computer.

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