It’s been a pretty crazy-busy week around here, mostly with one thing or another with various school things that have little to do with teaching or scholarship, including an all day meeting yesterday about NCATE, which I suspect is going to be the bane of everyone’s existence at EMU for the next few years.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to post here about a variety of different things during the week, but I haven’t had time. And just to complicate matters more, I’ve spent the last couple hours (off and on, and while listening to the radio) coming across even more cool links. So, with little commentary and no sorting, here are all of these things now in no particular order:

Alright, enough of that. Now I’ve got to get back to my to-do list to get ready for a crazy week next week….

2 thoughts on “Link-a-dink”

  1. Okay, fat bastard … I point out the fast reaction article, no mention–Bill points out the little demo, he gets credits … I’m kickin’ your ass!

  2. Wow, sensative!

    Well, no offense Steve, but I had actually come across the article on fast reaction before you mentioned it, while I hadn’t come across the reaction test Bill mentioned. But okay, I’ll set the record straight (sorta):

    Steve B. also sent me a link to an article about all this…

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