Why I think Annette should keep a blog

Here’s a quote of an email that my lovely wife Annette sent me this morning:

So, I’m in Panera’s and just had a lovely, healthy lunch: half sandwich, salad, and an apple. I’m sitting here trying to work and these two older guys–our dads’ age–are sitting next to me loudly pontificating for one another about the ills of the world: ie. “The Bush-Haters.” So far, we’ve concluded that liberals don’t care that Sadam killed his own people or that Mao murdered 20 million Chinese, and, here’s the kicker, that the symbol for Honda is an H, which looks like the devil’s horns and, of course, stands for “Hell.” . . . they are currently complaining that their adult children do not honor, respect, or listen to them . . . hmmmm? I wonder why? . . . There was some earlier ranting about Harry Belafonte, Barbara Streisand, and Jane Fonda–apparently, Jimmy Stewart never would have behaved so disgracefully. . . . It is simultaneously annoying and amusing, though I hope they leave soon so that I can get some work done.

See what I mean?

2 thoughts on “Why I think Annette should keep a blog”

  1. go annette …. go…. I see your photos and when I come to Australia you have to teach the dance…..

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