God, I hope this isn’t true…

Via Andre….

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11 Responses to God, I hope this isn’t true…

  1. AWemu says:

    Yeah? It could be worse: I’m Jabba the Hut! — net

  2. Mary says:

    Oh yeah? Well I’m R2D2. /Mary

  3. Andre says:

    Annette – Jabba the Hutt!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    I’m Chewie.

  4. billhd says:

    I’m Lando Calrissian! (how ’bout a Colt .45?)

  5. Steve says:

    Yeah, sure Bill, of course your Lando. You get to be one of the cool characters….

    Deep sigh…

  6. billhd says:

    Chewie is cool…and uh, Lando was a bit of a traitor…I guess I am saying that I am no Han Solo or Luke Skywalker

  7. Steve says:

    Let me remind you that I am Jar-Jar. JAR-JAR!! So, do you wanna trade?

  8. AWemu says:

    I’ll trade. — net

  9. Andre says:

    Lando isn’t a trader! He had issues in Empire, but he came through in the End, and then he was there kicking much ass in Jedi. He even destroyed the second Death Star. Lando is a bad ass.

  10. AWemu says:

    Will also is Jar-Jar, except he is pleased about it! :-)

  11. Andre says:

    Sosltice was pleased about being Jar Jar too. Aiden is Wicket the Ewok. He was pleased about that.

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