In the naked news department…

It’s not often that you find a single major story about nudity in the Ann Arbor news, let alone two!

On the front page, there was “Fairs live large with art in varied forms.” It was a story about Ann Arbor photographer Harvey Drouillard who photographs volunteers who pose nude in public spaces. This article tells how Drouillard was able to convince two women and one man to climb a ladder to the roof of the State theater downtown and get them to pose in the buff. Apparently, Drouillard has been doing this same stunt for years.

And then there was this, “The naked truth, on stage,” which is a story about a play the Performance Network is putting on called Take Me Out, which is the story (based on a “true” story, I believe) of a professional baseball player who comes out of the closet. Much of the play takes place in a locker room with the ball players naked most of the time. Natural, I guess.

Disappointingly, there are no good pictures for either of these stories. And I was somewhat surprised to not come across an example of Drouillard’s nude photography via Google. I guess you’ll have to use your imagination….

One thought on “In the naked news department…”

  1. My sister’s friend was in a naked photo by that guy a few years ago. It too was on top of the State Theater. He said that he sttod there, naked, with about ten other people and then when they got dressed at the end, he could tell by their clothing that they were from all different walks of life… Women in business suits, men in coveralls, etc. Pretty interesting.

    There was also a tent at the Art Fair for the Washtenaw County Naturists. They are working to get a nude beach in Washtenaw county. I took the postcartds to send to Washtenaw Parks and Rec and the MI DNR, but I haven’t sent them yet. I think they are the same group that made the news a couple years ago for naked work-outs at a gym in Saline.

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