Happy July 4 (more or less…)

Will watching the fake calliope

You know, it’s kind of a scary time right now, if you ask me. Sandra O’Connor retiring from the Supreme Court prepares the way for a potentially ugly political battle and it will give us a chance to see W.’s stripes clearly. If he’s a “uniter,” as he claims to be, he’ll pick a moderate kind of like O’Connor. If he’s not, he won’t. Guess which one I’m guessing on.

And Iraq goes badly and the trouble with Social Security reform and the rest of the world hates us, blah blah blah….

But hey; let’s have a parade!

The annual Ypsilanti July 4 parade featured all the usual sorts of things and was lots of fun for one and all. I’ll just offer three quick thoughts for now:

  • They should have had a lot more candy throwers and they should have had them earlier. The kids were getting pretty antsy that no candy was being tossed until about 45 minutes into the thing.
  • The theme this year was “salute to the military” and here’s one particularly disturbing image:
    Marching kiddies
    These are members of the “junior Marines,” kids of about 10 or so marching in fatigues and (presumably) being convinced to enlist when the time comes. Right when they marched by us, an old B-17 or some such plane flew right over us. Annette said later “Gosh, I felt like we were at war or something; which we are.”
  • But I don’t want to dwell on the negative here– really, it was overall good and clean American fun. And because he said he wanted it to be on my blog, here’s a picture of Andre and family:

Andre et al

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