The jump to WordPress, a semi-rocky one

Just as the Piston-San Antonio game is getting interesting, I finally FINALLY get my WordPress version of this blog to function. I’ve got a few other tweeks I want to make before I go to bed, but I had thought this transition was going to be a bit easier than it was. More later….

Update #1:
As you might be able to tell, I’ve started to mess with the template a bit. The picture in the masthead is one I took on campus a while back. It’s walking away from Pray-Harrold toward Welch Hall. But you can’t really see that; the big thing in the middle of the page is the infamous “Water Tower” of Ypsilanti.

Why the move to WordPress? Well, I’ve been using it for my unofficial blog for a month or so now with no problems. With this CHE article coming out, I decided to spiffy things up a bit around here. And I wanted something to do while watching the Pistons play, though importing my blogger blog into this proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated.

There will probably be a lot more updates in the not-so-distant future, but this will due for now. After all, I still have a class to teach, things to grade, a textbook to write, a trip to prepare for, etc., etc….

2 thoughts on “The jump to WordPress, a semi-rocky one”

  1. I was doing some bad things/wrong things when it came to converting my blogger files into wordpress files. I had done this quite easily with my unofficial blog, so I was kind of surprised that I had problems, but you know, things happen. Now I just have to mess with the template a bit.

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