I guess I’d better clean out the garage…

Annette and I decided to do some gardening today (pictures will follow eventually), so we went out to Block’s Stand and Greenhouse in Romulus (by far, the best deal in the area) to buy a bunch of flowers and such. We got home, and I started to get stuff out of the back of our messy garage, things like bags of dirt we had from last year. When I got to a couple of bags of cedar mulch, I noticed that there was stuff moving around in them. That freaked me out, of course. And then I got even more freaked out when I realized that there must have been about a half-dozen mice living in this bag of mulch.

Personally, this bothered me a great deal, though I can’t explain exactly why. I mean, they’re just mice. Annette thought they were kinda cute and she felt bad that we were destroying their home. Me, I thought they were little vermin who probably carried disease which were dangerous and which might attack at any moment.

Anyway, I took the bags of mulch out to the street, scooped the contents out into a wheelbarrow, and scared the little buggers out into the street and out to the median grassy area in the process. I think there were about 6 or seven of them. It was creepy to watch them snaking around in that bag, the beady-eyed little things.

Ick. It’s not that strange to see mice around here, and we have had mice in the garage before. And at least we haven’t had any significant problems with some of the other “wildlife” in the neighborhood I’ve seen around here, which includes squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and (of course) birds. Oddly, no rabbits. It’s just I have never come across quite this many of them at one time before.

Oh well. It looks like I’ll be cleaning the garage after I get the plants in the garden, and I’ll probably have to set some of those humane mouse traps, too.

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