Think of me at C&W @ Stanford…

I just got an email via tech-rhet about the Computers and Writing Conference, which is going to be at Stanford Univesity this year. To be honest, I haven’t heard much about this year’s conference, though I haven’t been paying that much attention, either.

Don’t get me wrong– C&W is always a great conference, and while I’ve heard some grumblings about the way things have been organized (or not), I’m sure that it will be a fine time for one and all once things get underway in mid-June. But I’m not going this year simply because of location. I went to the CCCCs in San Francisco this year, and while that was a surprisingly inexpensive trip for me, I decided I can’t really afford to go to two conferences way out on the west coast in one year. I suppose there are people out west who feel the same way about coming east.

Hopefully, many of the usual suspects will be out there and blogging about various events. And I will be attending next year when it will be (in all places!) Lubbock, Texas. I’m looking forward to visiting Texas Tech, though I am so not looking forward to going to Lubbock– no offense to, ah, Lubbockers? Lubbockities? Lubs? Anyway, I’ll be going to next year’s C&W because a) I’m not going to this year’s C&W, and b) the other conference I’ll be going to this coming year, the CCCCs, is an easy four hour drive from here in Chicago. I was going to say “c) I can drive to Lubbock,” but Mapquest tells me it’s around 1400 miles from Ypsilanti. Hmmm….

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