Two mistakes made this weekend

Mistake #1: While at Will’s swimming lesson Saturday morning, I was sitting around, minding my own business, a bit bored because I had forgotten to bring the newspaper with me. Absent-mindedly, I was playing with my glasses, bending them a bit. I’ve done this for years because I have these flexon eyeglass frames, which are supposed to withstand pretty much any sort of bending you can inflict upon them.

Well, apparently, I bent them one too many times, for while I was absent-mindedly bending and watching Will swim, I heard and felt my glasses go “snap” right at the bridge. What once was one piece now was two, a lens in each hand.

Long story short: if you break your glasses right at the bridge, there’s damn near nothing you can do about it. Duct tape has been serving me okay, but krazy glue was a non-starter. I suspect I’ll have to endure the Harry Potter look for a couple of weeks until I can get new glasses from the place where my insurance will pay for most of the cost. I must say though that I have considered the laser surgery thing. I don’t think my insurance will pay for it, but if it paid for even a portion….

Mistake #2: I made a few of recipes from this magazine I picked up at the Food (Whole) called LowCarb Energy, and two of the things I made– salmon crusted with pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes and a “taco lasanga” sort of thing– were quite good. But I tried to make this Thai Red Curry Chicken dish and it was about the worst food disaster I think I’ve ever had. It looked promising when I mixed it up this morning and turned on the crock-pot. The sauce included Thai curry paste, fish sauce, and coconut milk, and it looked nice and creamy and such. But by dinner time, it was just nasty-looking, all oily and watery. It tasted kind of metallic, and I thought it smelled vaguely like pee. Annette said that if she ate it, she was afraid she might be ill.

I don’t like tossing food, but toss I did.

The good news is that the weather was nice this evening, so I went back to the Food (Whole), bought some chicken breast on the bone, lump charcoal, fresh mozzarella, and a nice bottle of wine, and grilled chicken with a lovely cherry tomato salad was enjoyed by one and all.

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