The end of the "blogsphere" (whatever that is) as we know it?

I don’t have a lot of time or desire to post now (WAY past my bedtime), but I got kinda sucked into tonight’s episode of the Charlie Rose Show on PBS where he was talking to folks about blogs. Specifically, he was talking to people from blogs I rarely read: Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds, Ann Marie “Wonkette” Cox, Joe “former Howard Dean guy” Trippe, and Andrew “Andrew Sullivan” Sullivan.

I didn’t catch the whole thing, and yet I don’t think I missed much. About five or seven years ago (I think), I remember seeing a documentary about the rise and fall of so-called “grunge” music, how it went from being this truly underground “happening,” specifically in the Pacific Northwest, to this International phenomenon featured on runways in Paris (flannel tops, torn jeans, etc.). Help me out with the name of that flick of you know it. Anyway, that international exposure was the beginning of the end of grunge.

Charlie Rose is hardly the same level of public notoriety as top 40 and high fashion, but are we now on the downward decline of blogs? Are they a victim of their own success? Hmmm….

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