Johnny C, RIP

I guess I haven’t been paying a whole lot of attention to entertainment news lately, but as I’m sure everyone knows by now, Johnny Carson died on Saturday. I read a pretty good article about Carson just now by Tom Shales of the Washington Post.

For me, Johnny Carson and “The Tonight Show” was one of the first things I remember watching on TV really REALLY late at night. I suppose that’s a pretty common memory for a lot of people, but this was a long time ago, long before all the various late night cable options. I’m sure I was not actually allowed to stay up that late back then.

Anyway, I don’t have the same motivation to try to watch Leno or Letterman that often. Of course, I grew up in the midwest, where “late night” TV started an hour earlier than it does here in the Eastern time zone.

Anyway, RIP, Johnny. Now I had better get to bed.

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