"Literary Blogs and Their Influence"

Say, here’s a question for you:

How do you know that you’re a complete and total writerly/computerly/blogger-ly geekazoid? Easy. You’re watching CSPAN2’s coverage of the panel talk “Literary Blogs and Their Influence.”

Actually, this isn’t as sad/pathetic as it sounds. I mean, it’s not like I said to myself “hey, Christmas Eve– time for CSPAN!” Rather, it was essentially an accident. I am currently visiting my in-laws in Florida, and, per their family tradition, we had a meal highlighted by German foods and Glee Wein, opened presents, and they (that is, my wife, her parents, and my son) all were exhausted and went to bed. So I found myself doing a little light channel surfing, and whammo, here I am.

Frankly, the discussion on the panel was kind of boring. I watched about a half-hour of it and called it a day. But the folks who were talking on the panel all have interesting blogs themselves (links to which appear on the page I link to here), especially in the theme of my talk at the CCCCs.

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