Saturday night at the Toledo Zoo

We went last night for our (more or less) annual December trip to the Toledo Zoo for the impressive light display. After an early dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the area, Ciao, we headed out to the zoo. We had not gone to this light show this close to Christmas before, and that is something we’ll have to remember for next time. The zoo was, well, a zoo: took us 20 minutes to park, wall-to-wall people once we got inside, etc., etc. Anyway, to the pics:

Most of the lights are your “little bulbs wrapped around a tree” variety of things, but they do have some cool lit-up animal scenes like these:

This last one is an octopus on the side of the aquarium building.

Then there was this picture:

I bet there was at least one couple who got engaged by accident as a result of this one…

Anyway, we went inside to look at a bug exhibit that, as you can see, almost went terribly, terribly wrong:

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