"When Blogging Goes Bad" article is out in Kairos

Kairos 9.1 Fall 2004 is out, and my essay, “When Blogging Goes Bad: A Cautionary Tale About Blogs, Email Lists, Discussion, and Interaction,” is in it. It’s been a bit of a winding road for this piece, which I originally submitted after the 2003 Computers and Writing conference. Obviously, it didn’t get in the journal then, but that’s okay since I think it’s a much better essay now.

Two other thoughts about all this, mostly along the lines of “it’s a small world, isn’t it?”

* I found out that this issue of Kairos had been released during my grad class last night. We were meeting in the library and listening to a librarian talk about some of the research tools available (it tied into the reading for that night, really). The librarian (hi Keith, if you’re reading this!) came across Kairos in an MLA search, he clicked on the link, and I realized it was the new issue. “Hey, my article is in this issue,” I said and explained it a bit to my students. Kind of one of those lucky things that makes me look a lot more well-published and scholarly to my students than I actually am…

* Looking through the table of contents of this issue, I realize how many of these people I know, in the sense of “I’ve heard of her or him,” but in a few cases, in the sense of “I’ve had beers with him or her.” And as I think back on it, I used to know the guy who started Kairos when he was a PhD student, Mike/Mick Doherty, quite well since he was in the MA program at Bowling Green State University when I was in the PhD program there. Small world indeed.

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