I'm on strike… I guess…

Well, as of 12:07, the faculty are on strike. Now, the last update via email and on their web site was at about 1:30 in the morning, so I suppose the situation could change yet today. But WEMU just now said faculty are indeed still on strike.

Two thoughts:

* Oddly enough, I’m playing golf this morning. The main reason for this is I wouldn’t be teaching this Wednesday anyway, and we were told at the union meeting yesterday that we should show up to picket when we would teach and hold office hours. The only tricky thing is I had a meeting scheduled this afternoon, and I might not know the news about a settlement when it happens if I’m on the course.

* At one of the many meeting this past week, our chief negotiator would say that going on strike would represent a “failure” on everyone’s part, including ours. I wonder if she still feels that way.

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