A few random thoughts on “lucky” Friday the 13th

I covet thee, iPod; I covet thee not. My latest irrational desire has been to get an iPod. Besides the whole obvious music thing, there are some interesting “hacked” software out there that allow you to do stuff like use the iPod as a sort of mini PDA, play games, etc., etc. And hey, they’re just so freakin’ cool! But $300 seems a little steep to me, I don’t think anyone is going to just give me one of these things, and it is out of the question as a self-purchase, according to my wife/financial manager. Just as well. I’m sitting here typing away on my laptop and listening to iTunes on my computer right now; so, what do I really need an iPod for?

Where did summer go, anyway? the end of my summer teaching is very near– by Tuesday evening, I’ll be completely done– and then we have about two weeks before fall classes start. It’s downright cold and rainy around here as of late, and I kind of feel like we had Hawaii (which was great, of course) and then whammo, back to work. Bummer. But next summer, no matter what happens, I’m not going to work, so I’ve got that to look forward to.

Concerned in-laws and the weather channel. My in-laws, who are visiting right now, currently live in Naples, Florida, which is turning into “hurricane central” right now. Annette just emailed me and told me that they’re pretty much glued to the TV to find out what is going on with all of this, and with good reason. The good news is they just this summer moved from Marco Island (which is right on the water and certainly right in the path of the storm) to Naples, and an area 7 miles inland and 17 feet above sea level. They’ll probably be fine, but the area around them might be pretty messed up.

While the inlaws are still worried about their house (after all, they’re here, and it’s there), chances are they’ll be okay since the storm hit about 40 or so miles north of them. And I just learned with Google news search that their former home of Marco Island was spared any major damage, too.

But I’m glad the in-laws are here because…

Me and the Mrs. get to play tonight With the in-laws here (and really, they are more interested in hanging around with our son than with us), Annette and I are going out tonight in a big way. We got tickets to see The Barenaked Ladies and Allanis Morrisette at the DTE Energy Center. I’m planning on taking a camera to see if I can take any pictures or not (maybe yes, maybe no…) A more full report tomorrow.

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