“sims snorkeling tank object”

Just monkeying around the site a bit, looking over the stats and stuff like that again, especially in light of the hits I’ve been getting on the official blog site. Oy vey about that. It’s funny how little comments tossed out there in a semi-thoughtless way become this die-in-a-ditch issue. I could go on about it more, but I won’t because I suspect that if I did, I’d get a lot the same kinds of comments on this site about it and I’m not in the mood for it tonight.


In the course of checking the stats, I noticed that some of the hits to my site involved the search string “sims snorkeling tank object.” And I had to laugh because I knew EXACTLY what these folks were talking about since I am indeed a fan of “The Sims,” and I have taken characters to the “snorkeling tank object” that comes with “Sims Superstar” before. I was looking for a picture, but had no luck.

It’s sad for me to admit my enjoyment of “The Sims,” because (basically) it’s a computerized version of playing house. You know, you have pretend characters, you build pretend (doll) houses, you have pretend lives, etc. Not unlike some, er, “other” things I’ve been talking about lately on my “official” blog. But I digress.

Nonetheless, I think “The Sims” is good and relatively clean fun, and I intend to get “The Sims 2” when it comes out. Assuming it will run on the PC we have around here– I think it will, but I’m not completely sure.

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