Cool interactive political map

Check out this New York Times map of the election as it stands right now. Interesting data, and given that there are 180 electoral college votes in “swing states” right now, it looks like it’s going to go down the last minute.

Though some of these states as “swing states,” well, I don’t know. I mean, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are all “swing states,” but all of them have gone Democratic for the last three or four or more elections.

One thought on “Cool interactive political map”

  1. If any political party spoke the truth, and nothing but the truth they would lose to those who would lie simply to aquire the position of power. If any party told only lies and nothing else they may very well win the day. So, what do we expect from our politicians?
    After all, there are two types of mothers-milk in politics, money and power. In either order, they serve each other. Men will lie, cheat, and kill to obtain them. They always have, they always will. What do we expect from our politicians?
    Before the writen word was born I believe that “cave type” men who were big and strong were probably ruled by men with sharp knives, who worked in the shadows, and who trafficed in human promises. These were the first politicians. What did THEY want? Bigger, Better, More of Everything? I guess it was lots of good food, good sex, and less work to survive. I also guess nothing much has changed.

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