Blogger is just weird…

As I’ve noted recently here and here, I’ve experienced a variety of problems with my blogger account lately. I thought they were because the vast majority of my computer work takes place on Macs: the computer I actually own and use most of the time, an iBook G4, and my office computer, an eMac. Well, it seems to be more complicated than that.

In our house, we also have a Dell Windoze XP computer, which is used mainly by my six year old son and me to play games. Last night, I was noodling around with it, and when I tried to use IE, the one browser you would always expect to work, I started running into the same problems that I was getting on my Mac. Then I tried Netscape and still couldn’t get it to work. Then, just for the hell of it, I installed Firefox on the machine and tried to mess with my Blogger account. It worked like a champ until I tried to spell-check; I hadn’t changed the pop-up menu settings, so it erased all my text.

( I’d try to experiment with the Dell computer again this moring, but my son is busy playing “Spongebob Squarepants and the Battle for Bikini Bottom.”)

So, if you’re keeping score, here’s how Blogger works for me, as far as I can tell:

On the Macintosh:

* IE always worked, thought it didn’t have any features at all (like spell-check), and of course, IE is no longer supported for the Mac.

* Safari, which is my browser of choice and which I am using right now, didn’t work before and it now it almost works, but the spell-check is still busted.

* Netscape, Mozilla, Camino, and Firefox all don’t work and they all don’t work in a similar way. I go to to log in, and many times it lets me in to my Blogger “dashboard,” though just as many times it asks me to log in again (and again and again). When I log in again and again, some times I get through even to the place where I can create a message; however, as soon as I try to post it, I’m back to the log in screen, which doesn’t work over and over.

On the Windoze platform:

* IE and Netscape have the problems that I just described with Netscape, Mozilla, Camino, and Firefox on the Mac.

* Firefox for the PC seems to work just fine.

Hmm… does any of this make any sense to anyone?

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