Run for your lives! Art fair is in town!

Well, no, not really. But the yearly Art Fair days in Ann Arbor mean I will not be in downtown Ann Arbor until Sunday at the earliest, and since we’re going to Iowa on Wednesday, I suspect it will be longer.

For the few folks who might be reading this and not know what I’m talking about: every summer, Ann Arbor holds what I think is the biggest art fair in the country. If it’s not the biggest, it’s pretty damn close. It’s actually a series of art fairs, but they all kind of blend together. See the web site Artfair Home for more details. I don’t know how many people go to this thing, but it has got to be tens of thousands, and it more or less makes it impossible to do anything downtown (other than look at art booths) for four days.

The first year we were around for Art Fair, we went to it for an entire day and had a lot of fun. The second time we were around, we went just for part of a morning, and had a good enough time. The third time, it was a blazing hot death march. This time around, we are spending our time at coffee shops in the suburbs and book stores in strip malls. And at home, too.

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