Two funny political videos

I’ve been alerted to two pretty funny flash media sorts of presentations about the presidential campaign:

* The first is called “This Land.” As the description on the atomfilms web site puts it, “He’s a liberal wiener. He’s a right-wing nut job. See John Kerry and George Bush square off and trade insults in this can’t-miss campaign spoof of ‘This Land is Your Land.'” I guess it kind of depends on where you’re coming from, but I’d rather be called a liberal wiener than a right-wing nut job. Anyway, it is very very funny. It’s a big file (3.7 MB, I think) and it is a bit noisy, too.

* The second is a flash presentation of the spoofs of the Bush/Cheney Sloganator. The back story is this: The Bush/Cheney campaign had a feature on their web site where you could add slogans to a Bush/Cheney poster. Obviously, their intended audience was people who were for the Bush/Cheney ticket. But when correct/left thinking people got a hold of this thing, they started generating slogans like “We can detain you, you know” and “First retraded president!” Funny ’cause it’s true; it contains a probably unnecessary soundtrack, so be aware of that if you fire this thing up at work or something. These folks have a Yahoo Group web site here.

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