Don’t you know how to take a joke, girly-man?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in some trouble now for referring to democrats who opposed to his budget deal out there as “girly men.” He’s being accused of being a big ol’ sexist homophobe for the remark.

Okay, look: I’m a card-carrying, politically correct, pinko-liberal, gay/bi-sexual/trans-gendered embracing family man who would rather chew on shards of glass than vote for a Republican, let alone the Arnold. But c’mon here.

It probably is worth remembering that the “girly man” line comes from a Saturday Night Live sketch that explicitly makes fun of Arnold and his attitudes. So the fact that he used it as a throw-away joke line in a speech demonstrates that he has something resembling a sense of humor.

This is one of the problems of liberals, and one of the reasons why I’m such a big fan of Al Franken.

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