It’s all relative, I suppose…

Steve B. and I played golf today at Reddeman Farms, and a good time with good play was had by one and all. I don’t think that Annette was thrilled with playing again this week after playing Sunday, but I still contend that Sunday was last week. And I’m not gonna lie– there were a couple mulligans and a “time traveler” involved– but I still managed to have a 96 on the round, I had six pars, and I didn’t melt down on any hole. Ultimately, I lost to Steve B. by two, but still, a great round for me.

Now, on the back nine, there was a college kid playing behind us by himself. He was walking, so we didn’t hold him up really, but we did get a chance to see him hit some great shots. So we (mostly Steve B., actually) were small-talking with him in the parking lot after the round and I asked him how he did. “69,” he said.

“No shit?!” I said.

“Well, I’ve played about 185 rounds this year.”

So, like I said, golf is a relative game.

2 thoughts on “It’s all relative, I suppose…”

  1. Well, it’d be an easy bet to make because there’s no freakin’ way I’d have the time or money to play that much golf, and if I did attempt to play that much golf, I might not have a wife for much longer either.

    We’ve both been getting better over the last couple years, but I think we’re a long way from breaking 70….

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