“Golf can ‘damage hearing'”

This via boing-boing: “Golf can ‘damage hearing.'” I assume that what they are referring to here is the high-pitched “ping” made by some high-end drivers when the ball is struck. Specifically, the club specifically being complained about here is the King Cobra LD. It seems to me though that maybe the problem was that the golfer who had his hearing damaged was 55.

Oh, and I wish I had a link for this: when I was in Florida, I read an article in the Naples newspaper about how golf was good but not great exercise. Things I recall include that, not surprisingly, walking was more exercise than riding, but more surprisingly, using a push-cart and walking was about the same as carrying your clubs, riding still involved a fair amount of walking, and the actual swinging of the club involved quite a bit more exercise than the researchers expected. So what they said in this article was that golf was indeed a form of “exercise,” but it wasn’t enough exercise in and of itself. In other words, no one is going to get buff just by golfing, but it can fit into an overall workout program. Go figure.

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