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The random opportunities of an alt-ac career path

Somehow– I’m not really sure how– I have found myself on an electronic mailing list for the Kimble Group, which is a “recruitment search firm focused on the hiring needs of Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses nationwide.” … Continue reading

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When is it okay to make fun of grammar?

Remember Weird Al? Yeah, me neither. Well, no– that’s not true. Of course I “remember” Weird Al from lots of different parodies over the years, all the way back to “My Bologna” to “Like a Surgeon” to his latest releases that … Continue reading

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“How To Public Speaking”

I have posted here once in a while about public speaking and conference presentations– how it’s bad for people to just read papers, but it’s also as bad (maybe worse) for people to just “wing it” since very few of … Continue reading

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Mysterious “Thank You” package makes my day

I have a variety of things I want to blog about– some reading on competing networks of assessment, a bunch of links I need to put someplace– and I have a variety of other things I need to do/stop procrastinating … Continue reading

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Yet another collection of miscellaneous links

With all the news about delicious going belly-up (or not?), it seems more important than ever for me to park some links here that I want to keep track of: From Mashable, a cool map showing Facebook relationships. Social media … Continue reading

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I too like this alot

Via boing-boing, The Alot is Better Than You at Everything, from a very funny blog called hyperbole and a half. Tweet

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Lotsa links/reader round-up

I have been procrastinating from cleaning my office by a) teaching (well, that’s kinda my job, so that doesn’t count as procrastination), and b) looking through some piled up google reader links.  So in an effort to put off office … Continue reading

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Halloween 2009, the movie: Trick and/or Treating


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This doesn’t make me a jerk, does it?

So, on one of my many errands today, I was in the Food (W)hole with a cart full of provisions– not a mountain of shopping (that would come later at Costco), but a fair amount.  I was searching for an … Continue reading

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Save the insurance executives

This is amusing, though with Glen Beck and fellow tea-baggers not understanding that various governmental czars are not really “Czars,” it strikes me as rather risky.  I wonder if this will turn up on Fox as being true? Protect Insurance … Continue reading

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