CCCCs in St. Louis: I’ve been accepted and it’s not even September; what’s wrong with these people?!?

My tongue is firmly packed into my gift-horse mouth with this post, but go figure!  First comes news that my proposal for the CCCCs in St. Louis was accepted.  It’s a talk (or something?  I might make a lot of video for this one) called “Amateur Auteurs:  The Problems of Teaching and Assessing Multimedia in Writing Classes.”  I’m interested in the things I say I’m going to talk about in this talk quite a bit because I have been interested lately in a variety of different ways with the dilema of writing professionals teaching and producing what can only be described as “amateurish” multimedia work.  I have a couple of examples in mind, and most of them are my own.

But it was a proposal I put together pretty quickly because– oh, I don’t know, I’m not all that interested in going to St. Louis and because I’m kinda all filled up on conference presentations.  As I was discussing with someone today, reworking/updating my web-based CV made me think that at this stage of my career (e.g., a full professor at an institution where I’m happy and where I’m likely to stay put) I don’t really need to do anything, let alone spending tons of money to go to lots of conferences all over the place. So go figure that my rather ambivalent proposal gets in.

And it is in at a good time, 9:30 am on the Friday of the conference.  AND notice was sent out to folks way WAY earlier than usual!  I don’t know if this a result of snafus in the process last year or what, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard one way or the other about this conference this early.  Again, go figure!

Now if you will excuse me while I figure out what it is I am going to do for this thing….

3 thoughts on “CCCCs in St. Louis: I’ve been accepted and it’s not even September; what’s wrong with these people?!?”

  1. Ha, i’m feeling the exact same. I was secretly hoping not to get in this year, as I thought a nice trip to Hawaii over spring break might be in order. Plus, my proposal was not spirited at all…pretty lackluster, not particularly proud of it, etc. And, bam, accepted. In August! Whoa. Huh. Hawaii??? hmm.

  2. I have not submitted anything to CCCC since San Francisco. Once I earned tenure, I, too, thought about the conferences I was attending and cut back dramatically. If I ever want to go up for Full, I need more publications, so that’s taking my attention. Though I didn’t submit to St. Louis, I’m thinking of driving to it, at least going to ATTW and then seeing some friends in the area, perhaps jump over to Chicago.

    1. Driving?! Wouldn’t that be quite the hike? Heck, I can make it in probably 8 hours and I’m thinking of flying….

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