CCCC 2011: The prelude

I’m getting ready for what is setting up to be a somewhat unusual CCCCs in Atlanta this year.  My connection to the conference this year is not through a regular presentation, but through a couple of what i guess I would call “group projects.”

One of the folks who organize the CCCC IP caucus contacted me after my presentation on RiP! a Remix Manifesto last year and asked me I’d like participate in the event for 2011.  How can I turn down an invitation?  I don’t completely know how this will go, but I’m on a roundtable on RiP! during this session.  Here’s a link to a web site I put together for it– it includes a little info on the movie and my notes.  It might ultimately include some links/information from my co-roundtable-ish folks, one of whom is a former MA student here at EMU.  So we’ll see how that goes.

The other thing I’m doing is a roundtable with some of my EMU colleagues, “A Department in Exile: The Challenges of Contested Spaces and Roles.” It’s an interesting story– at least to me– about how this all came about.  When the theme of the conference was announced– “contested spaces”– I immediately thought about the literal contested space that we’ve been put in here at EMU, being displaced out of our building while it is being remodeled.

Anyway, I put together a roundtable with a bunch of my EMU colleagues and we sent it in.  It ended up being rejected initially, which I found odd.  I mean, I realize that the theme of the conference is supposed to be metaphorical notion of “contested spaces,” but you’d think that there would be room on the program for a literal discussion of contested space.  So I appealed, and the good news was we were ultimately accepted into the program.  The bad news is we are near the very very end of the program, the last session on Saturday.  I am assuming we will be a group talking amongst ourselves.

So, in part to make the talk actually usable and to help my colleagues figure out what to do, I put together this video:

We’ll see how it goes. My assumption is that this will be a presentation like one I gave on a Saturday at the CCCCs in New York a few years ago, one where I put together a comic book of sorts, assuming (correctly!) that not a lot of people are willing to turn out for a Saturday presentation.

Part the “adventure” for this conference is Bill H-D and I are driving down on Monday and then coming back (with Derek M) on Sunday.  Part of the problem for me with this version of the CCCCs is the IP thing is on Wednesday and the roundtable thing is on Saturday.  It’s potentially not a good idea for all sorts of obvious reasons, but I didn’t like the idea of being in Atlanta the whole week without any transportation.  Once again, we’ll see how it works out.  The adventure starts Monday morning.

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