Hey, that’s my farm!

Well, “my farm” may be a bit of a stretch, but just the other day, someone via Facebook posted this New York Times article about Tantré Farm, “Field Report:  Will Work for Food.” Tantré Farm is where Annette and I (along with Steve B. and Michelle) get a “Community Supported Agriculture” share.  Basically, CSA means we buy a “share” which entitles us to a produce from the farm for about 20 weeks of the year.

Besides being a good thing in terms of the produce and the experience of going out to the farm (and remember, for me going to the grocery store is an aesthetic experience) and a good thing in terms of the community, it’s a pretty good deal.  This time of year, we get a TON of stuff– I’ve pickled  pounds and pounds of green beans, and I probably could have canned some tomatoes too. Plus there’s the experience of going out to the farm itself, which is always kind of fun and reminds me why I don’t want chickens.

Oddly, there wasn’t much kale this year.

Anyway, if you get a chance to support your local CSA, I’d encourage it.

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