Friday night link round-up

I’m having a relatively quiet evening here watching some TV and surfing the ‘net, so I thought I’d post a few links of stuff I’ve come across:

One thought on “Friday night link round-up”

  1. I watched the first segment of the Yancey interview. It’s familiar ground in many respects (i.e., echoes her CCCC keynote and more recent work for NCTE), but it is useful in that it offers a concise overview of the sea change for writing over the past half-decade.

    I was impressed, by the way, with Will Richardson’s production of the interview using uStream. The lighting on the videos is not all that great, but it neat to be able to toggle between video streams in a real-time conversation like they did. I look forward to messing around with uStream a bit more over the next few weeks.

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