Sarah Palin Punkd

This is just freakin’ unbelievable: apparently, Sarah Palin took a crank phone call from some radio DJs in Montreal who pretended to be the president of France. Here’s a quote from the article “Palin Punk’d by Prank Call:”

ABC News David Wright, Alyssa Litoff, and Bret Hovell report: Foreign relations never were her strong suit, so perhaps it’s understandable that Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin actually appeared to believe that French President Nicholas Sarkozy would call her out of the blue to talk about “unting” and “Joe le plumber.”

Perhaps her first hint that it was actually a crank call should have been “Sarkozy’s” admission that “from my ‘ouse, I can see Belgium.”

Just remember, would-be McCain supporters: the woman who would be a heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the free world would also probably take your call about your refrigerator running or Prince Albert in a can. God help us all on Tuesday.

BTW, here’s a YouTube video with the audio of the phone call:

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