Yes, but where is my flying car?

Not much time to blog or read blogs today, but I did come across this nugget via elearnspace I thought I’d post: on the official Google blog is this post written by Vint Cerf, “The next Internet.” Provocative stuff, some of which strikes me as true, some of which strikes me as scary, and some of which strikes me as, um, goofy. For example:

A box of washing machine soap will become part of a service as Internet-enabled washing machines are managed by Web-based services that can configure and activate your washing machine. Scientific measurements and experimental results will be blogged and automatically entered into common data archives to facilitate the distribution, sharing and reproduction of experimental results. One might even imagine that scientific instruments could generate their own data blogs.

Of course, maybe I’ll have no need for washing my clothes at all in a decade. Yoda says, “Always in motion the future is.” Or something like that.

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