The war on terror takes on “War On Terror: The Game”

A couple months ago, I went with my friend Chris to a gaming conference for a day in Columbus. One of the many games I saw that I almost bought was War on Terror. I didn’t get it because it looked a little too expensive for me. Well, I learned via boing-boing this morning, that had I bought it, I might have had it confiscated.

War on Terror GameNot really. But at least one version the game was seized by police in the UK because the balaclava, which is the little hat thing that says “evil” on it and which is one of the satirical props of the game, could be used in a criminal act. Here’s a link to the article in the Cambridge News, and here’s the blog entry from the War On Terror boardgame web site.

Perhaps the criminal could hit someone with a snow globe. Dirty bastards.

By the way, the photo featured here comes from the WOT web site and is part of contest they’ve had for creative pictures featuring gamers wearing the evil balaclava.

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