“The Trolls Among Us”

From The New York Times coming out this Sunday, “The Trolls Among Us.” I don’t have time to read it too much right now– I’m getting ready to go to Vegas, which my millions of readers will read about soon– but maybe I’ll pick up a copy of the NYT on Sunday for a change of pace. It looks like potential reading for a number of the classes I teach.

2 thoughts on ““The Trolls Among Us””

  1. I’ve read it. It is actually a little frightening. One of the “trolls” was responsible for publishing personal information about Kathy Sierra when she was being threatened. The guys interviewed for the article are malicious. They take pride in hurting people. The best word I can think of to describe them is “disturbed.”

  2. Yes. They are a weird mix of insecurity and ego. They seem damaged and angry. I see Weev is crying foul over his treatment in the article – that’s really rich.

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