Oh, the nearly random things the internets brings

Via boing-boing, I read this story about how the (morning?) news anchors of the Las Vegas Fox network have fake/plastic cups of McDonalds chilled coffee sitting in front of them. My initial thoughts were of course: it’s on Fox, and it’s in Vegas. It all adds up.

And then, just following a couple more links, I stumbled across this, Dickipedia: A Wiki of Dicks. Pretty good junior high humor. Here’s the opening paragraphs on the entry about Simon Cowell:

Simon Phillip Cowell (born 7 October 1959) is a British record executive, television producer, “author,” celebrity talent judge, and a dick.

Through the creation of television programs such as American Idol, Pop Idol, and Britain’s Got Talent, he has managed to force both his abrasive personality and the abrasive personalities of a number of mediocre “artists” into homes across the world. Uniquely, while many celebrities became popular despite being dicks, Cowell became a celebrity because he is a dick.

It isn’t a “real” wiki in that you can’t just edit anything, but it still provided me with almost five minutes of entertainment, and what more can we ask from this communication network?

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