Thank you for the advice, Grace L. Phillips

If you ever doubted that newspaper editors ran letters from readers that were goofy just because they (the editors, that is) found them funny, then look no further than this wisdom from today’s Ann Arbor News “letters to the editor” page:

Hangover medicines should be banned

I believe that hangover medicine should be banned. I think that they shouldn’t have medicine for someone who doesn’t do the right thing, and drink too much. Having hangover medicine may encourage people to drink more.

To prevent hangovers in the first place: Don’t drink more than one drink a night.

Your liver breaks down alcohol at the rate of a beer an hour.

Alternate alcohol with


It’ll help keep your body hydrated.

Choose your drink selectively.

Congeners are dangerous poisons that appear most in darker drinks.

Grace L. Phillips, Ann Arbor

Thanks again for the advice. Maybe I’ll just stick to caffeine free Diet Pepsi.

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