Wednesday (and not partying in the French Quarter) Links

Well, since I’m not in NOLA and up to Lord only knows what Steve B. and Bill HD. and my other typical conference partners in crime are up to right now, I thought I’d post a whole bunch of links from my Google Reader feed:

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4 Responses to Wednesday (and not partying in the French Quarter) Links

  1. billhd says:

    Bennish on Bourbon Street

    Rest assured, you are being harassed and abused as if you were actually here with us.


  2. Steve Krause says:

    He looks a little confused in this picture. Does he know where he is?

  3. billhd says:

    Does he ever really know?

    BTW, it’s 80 here. Sunny…free food, free beer…like Michigan in mid-July…but with free food and free beer. Did I mention it was also sunny?

  4. Steve Krause says:

    Free food and free beer?! DOH!

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