How strange is “Learning from YouTube”?

Via this entry on Alex’s blog, I came across a list of the “Top 25 ‘Strangest’ College Courses” (many of which don’t sound that strange to me, frankly), and clocking in at #25, was a course at Pitzer College called “Learning from YouTube.” I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, but there is a YouTube site for it here. I’m going to have a unit on things like YouTube in my current Computers and Writing, Theory and Practice class, and this is going to be one of the first sites I browse when I start figuring out what I’m going to include. Looks cool to me.

One thought on “How strange is “Learning from YouTube”?”

  1. Actually, I think most of these classes sound way cool. I bet this means I’m even more Ivory Tower out-of-touch than I thought.

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