Halloweening 2007

Will as knight, againWill had a trip back to the past this year for Halloween, returning to the knight look. It’s an outfit he got at the recent RenFest, by the way– so I guess it’s a multi-purpose outfit. At least I assume he’ll wear it the next time we head out there.

While I have tended to be a bit of a Halloween grinch in the recent past, I was for some reason in rather good spirits about the whole thing. Maybe it was because it was Will’s last Halloween in elementary school. Here’s a picture of Will’s class in costume after this year’s Halloween parade:

Will's 5th grade class, in costume

His teacher, who we really like, is off to the far right dressed as a monk and holding a bag of chips– a chip monk. Get it?

Will’s school had their annual Halloween parade on the 30th and Annette and I had a chance to be here. Here’s a little movie I made with my Flip video camera of the event, one that only a parent could love:

For this year’s trick and/or treating, Will had over a friend who is in his class, Costas. Here’s Costas, dressed as a pirate with ninja head covering, giving the good knight what he had coming:

Just a flesh wound....

As for the trick and/or treating, a good time was had by one and all. I think I have mentioned this before, but ours is a huge trick and/or treating neighborhood. With the pleasant weather, we had hundreds of kids and “kids” who aren’t so much kids. Andre, Pete, Wendy, and assorted kiddies stopped by, along with various EMU and neighborhood folks. I bought over 15 pounds of candy, and I ran out about a half-hour early. We always have some adults double-dipping on the candy, but this year, the element we hadn’t seen before was some parents driving down the street really slow (and playing really loud music) while their kids went for the candy.

But with these minor things aside, it was good trick and/or treating for all. Will and Costas had a good haul:

Oddly, no one wanted the Butterfinger. Yum, Butterfinger….

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