Does anyone out there speak Finnish?

At least I think that’s the language in question here…

I noticed in the “Incoming Links” part of things on my blog that “ePro SEPPO” has recently linked here and to my article “When Blogging Goes Bad,” which, up to this point of my career, seems to have become my calling card, academically speaking. I’ve seen/read discussion about this article in other places before, but it’s been a while (that article came out a few years ago now), and just the other day, this showed up.

The problem for me is that it is in a language I certainly cannot read that I think is Finnish, so I have no idea what this person is saying. It could be “Krause is the greatest thinker of our time,” or it could be “what a goofball, this Krause guy.” If I was a betting man, I’d pick the second one.

In any event, I might end up emailing the blogger in question here, but if anyone in the meantime has any idea what they’re talking about here, let me know.

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